Gallery -- Cooking class and feed back

Feedback 10/05/11
*Thank you for the Thai cooking -was very nice +Hot +Would love to come again --KAREN GIRVIN
*Thank you very much Lovely ,will try at home -- TERESA
*Thank for the lesson .I enjoyed it very much.Will come back for another class.Cheers --JULIE
*Thank you very much,have had a great time.will be back--KERI ANN
*Value for money ,thank you very much.I will definitely be back for more--ANASTASIA

From Geraldine Gourmet Club 

*I  particularly liked the stir fry with extra peanut sauce
*Enjoyed them all particularly  the soup
*Very tasty - really enjoyed the soup
*It was all delicious especially the soup+stir fry-good luck with your class
*Enjoyed the peanut sauce really enjoyed it all
*Enjoyed your soup ,peanut sauce and stir fry
*All very tasty -soup delicious
*Great evening- fabulous stir fry
*All very good + delicious
*Peanut sauce very tasty 

From Timaru mental health support

*Demonstration was very informative + easy to understand.Spring rolls + Tom yum soup was yummy and tasty.i believe a main dish with more flavor could be more value next time.But still very enjoyable.Thank you.
*Thank you very much.I enjoyed it immensely!.Easy to understand, great to have the recipe +yummy to taste.Thank you again.Lovely to meet you.